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Lightweight and Compact. The unique expandable vehicle optimized for easy transport without compromising interior space.

The clever alternative to big, heavy, and expensive trucks, trailers and traditional slide-outs.

Lightweight and Compact. The unique expandable vehicle optimized for easy transport without compromising interior space.

The clever alternative to big, heavy, and expensive trucks, trailers and traditional slide-outs.

Endless Possibilities

XL Truck

XL Truck

XL Trailer

XL Trailer

Custom Solution

Custom Solutions


  • Up to 300 ft² usable space on car trailer or van. Save costs in purchase and maintenance.

  • Expandable allowing for more useable inside space than a traditional slide-out.

  • No professional truck drivers required.

  • Utilize fewer trailers. Save time and money with less back-and-forth logistics.
  • Year round and all-weather use – insulated with durable sandwich panel construction.

  • Quick and easy set-up.

  • Better maneuverability compared to semi-trailers and commercial trucks.

  • Detachable truck body and subframe construction allows for chassis interchangeability decreasing base vehicle dependency.

  • Reliable and easy to use with no complex mechanics.

  • Durable construction with long lasting materials and hardware.

  • Lightweight – empty 3-in-1 trailer weighs only 3700 lbs.

  • Flush floor.

  • Optional walkable roof.

  • Optional solar panels on the roof.

  • Highly customizable.
  • Eye-catching innovative product.

  • Small footprint when not in use.


Three times the space of a standard trailer

  • Up to 300 ft² of workspace

  • Higher capacity
  • Numerous opportunities for use


8-min setup time

  • Use own vehicle to transport trailer
  • Customizable for various towing options
  • Quick and easy one-person setup


Customizable look and functionality

  • Weatherproof in up to -5°F environments
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Easy access

Return On Investment

An affordable and easy way to expand your business

  • Increased service coverage
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Unique, eye-catching, and attractive for marketing


XL Truck

The Rolling Unit Basic Truck can expand to 2-in-1 or 3-in-1. Truck body length can vary from 14 ft to 22 ft. Expansion length is 12.5 ft and 6 ft wide. Additional separation walls can be added to form customizable rooms. Automated leveling systems included on all Basic Trucks.

XL Truck

Gross vehicle weight: up to 26,000 lbs.
Payload: up to 15,000 lbs.
Weight of truck body: 3,100 – 3,800 lbs.
Total length of truck body: 20 ft
Ceiling height: 7 ft 5 in – 8 ft 1 in
Insulation: 1-37/64 in – 3-5/32 in
Transport width: 7 ft 8 in
Expanded width: 20 ft 7 in
Cargo space in
transportation mode:
~97 ft², ~760 ft³
Floor area when expanded: ~323 ft²
Optional equipment: windows, custom graphics design, custom flooring etc.

XL Trailer

Our most flexible solution. Trailer can be towed by pick- up truck , SUV, or van. With Payload starting from 3,000 lbs and 96 ft² storage in transport mode, equipment can be loaded in trailer for on-site setup and quick operability. Load your equipment, drive to site, expand, and start working in a spacious comfortable 260 ft² environment. Automated leveling system is included. Both 2 and 3 axle setups are possible.

XL Trailer

Payload capacity: 3,000 – 7,700 lbs.
Gross trailer weight: 10,000 lbs. (optional 15,000 lbs.)
Tare weight of trailer: 7,000 lbs.
Total length of trailer: 23 ft 8 in
Total width of trailer: 7 ft 7 in
Axis: torsion suspension with electrical brakes; capacity 5,200 lbs. 2 axle setup as standard (optional 3 axles)
Adjustable coupler height: 17 – 25 in
Coupling head: 2-5/16 in ball attachment
Leveling: automated leveling system with 4 support legs with 14 in. travel
Total length of shelter: 18 ft 9 in
Height of trailer: 9 ft 10 in
Insulation: 1-37/64 in – 3-5/32 in
Width of shelter in transport: 7 ft 7 in
Width when opened: 19 ft 3 in
Floor area in transport: 97 ft²
Floor area when expanded: 260 ft²
Optional equipment: windows, custom graphics design, custom flooring etc.

Custom Solutions

Rolling Unit is a highly experienced custom solutions manufacturer. With a variety of customizable options, the buyer can outfit and equip a Rolling Unit truck or trailer to meet their needs. Custom wiring, furniture, plumbing, heating/cooling, communication systems and complex electronics functionality are all within our areas of expertise. With fifteen years of experience serving defense forces and emergency service responders, we have the experience to meet your custom and personal needs.

Possible custom applications for Rolling Unit include mobile clinics, command and control vehicles, mobile civil operations centers, blood drive centers, marketing vehicles, motorsport and recreation vehicle support, film and television location trailers, mobile science labs, and more.

Also, at Rolling Unit we are excited to hear your ideas about how our products can be used. If we haven’t done it, that doesn’t mean we can’t. Contact us for design options and ideas.

  • Emergency and First Response Vehicle

  • Mobile Command Center
  • Mobile Health Clinic

  • Mobile Testing and Vaccination Center

  • Bloodmobile, Mobile Lab

  • HAZMAT Supply Trailer

  • Mobile Tactical Operations Vehicle

  • Outside Broadcast – OB Van

  • Makeup and Wardrobe Trailer

  • Mobile Classroom, Bookmobile

  • Recruitment and Marketing Trailer

  • Demovan, Demotrailer, Mobile Showroom

  • Mobile Shop and Food Truck

  • Mobile Maintenance Vehicle

  • Service and Repair Trailer

  • Folding Camper, Folding Caravan


Tartu University Hospital Cancer-screening Trailers

Tartu University Hospital is using two of our trailers as cancer-screening vehicles. They have been in operation since 2016 and have traveled over 62,000 miles with minimal standard maintenance required in that time.
Tartu University has relied on Rolling Unit’s reliability in weather below 0°F.

ABC Kompuuter Mobile Photo Finish and Time Measuring Truck

Rolling Unit customer ABC Kompuuter needed a modern solution to replace an old bus that was retrofitted to measure race times. The bus had several disadvantages from insulation in extreme weather, costly maintenance, and outdated look and functionality. To bring ABC Kompuuter’s operation up to date, Rolling Unit’s custom shop worked to outfit the new vehicle with our unique insulation, ample space, extra workspaces, attractive look, along with additional customized rooms for rest and shower. This was all achievable for our client with the 3-in-1 Rolling Unit truck.

Estonian Biathlon Association Ski-service Truck

3-in-1 XL Truck mounted on a Iveco Daily chassis to form a unique ski-service vehicle that rivals facilities employed by top national teams. A better value for the money, with less than half the carbon print of a full semi-trailer.
The internal height minimum of 7 ft 2 in allows for that even that the longest cross country skies can be stored in an upright position in the unit. Additionally, the layout is flexible and can be rearranged for different tasks.

Qvalitas Mobile Health Clinics

Qvalitas Mobile Health Clinics serve as mobile eye clinics with added vaccination capabilities. Qvalitas trucks where in the forefront of the vaccination efforts in Estonia during 2021.

Synlab Medical Trailers

Synlab’s medical trailers are used for PCR tests and antibody tests. Thanks to the mobile nature of the testing facilities they can be deployed where an infectious hot spot occurs. Thanks to being a separate trailer, auxiliary operations can remain infection free. Due to expanded nature of the trailer distance requirements can be achieved easily.

Location Unit Trailers

Rolling Unit XL-type trailers serve the local movie industry in Estonia. Customers have fitted them out as a wardrobe trailer, make up trailer and general staff production trailer. They provide excellent working conditions even in the cold Estonian winter where temperatures can sink below 0°F.

Why Us?

Customer Satisfaction

  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Speed and Accuracy

Manufacturing Capacity and Technology

  • Customized production facility
  • 27,000 ft² of production space
  • State of the art manufacturing

Competence and Experience

  • 15 years in business
  • Military, first responder, and medical experience
  • Qualified and responsive team

About Us

Rolling Unit, Inc is a subsidiary of MDSC Systems and was incorporated in January 2023 in Florida.

MDSC Systems historically produced heavy military and rescue grade expandable container solutions, but back in 2016 Estonia’s Cancer Fighting Association was on the lookout for a mobile cancer screening unit. Heavy medical trucks were too expensive for a local non-profit, so we all had to literally think outside of the box. Seeking to outfit the same quality, insulation, square-feet, and customizability as our heavy equipment, but without the price tag – MDSC was more than able to meet the association’s needs. Together we developed Rolling Unit as a lighter, more affordable version of our military container solutions. Thanks to the generosity of the Estonian people, we were able to source not one but two cancer screening units for our non-profit partners.

MDSC Systems specializes in designing and manufacturing mobile special purpose container/shelter solutions for military, first responders, and medical use.
For all of our products please visit the MDSC Systems and MARU Defence webpage.

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